RMS is an innovative and intelligent education group, which has rich educational resources at home and abroad. A number of outstanding branches have been set up;such as the English training schools, Drama schools, and the international kindergarten. Now RMS is vigorously expanding its online English classes so that more students can have access to high-quality education.


Based on the in-depth study of children learning behavior, psychological cognition development and the current status of online education, RMS has proposed innovative ideas and methods of online English curriculum, class settings, teaching methods;home-school communication for 3 to 12-year-old students and thereafter constructed a new height of online English education for teenagers and children.


RMS has won many awards by virtue of innovative educational concepts, teaching methods, high-quality products and good reputation. These awards include but are not limit to “The Influential Children’s English Brand”, “The Famous Children’s English Brand”, “The Influential Children's Education Brand”, “Children's Education Brand Trusted by Parents”, “Demonstration Unit of Educational Management and Innovation of China in 2018”, “Influential Education Group in 2019”, “70 Years of New China · Ingenious Brand in Education Industry”.


RMS has a strong team of foreign teachers who all meet the international teacher’s qualifications such as TESOL, TEFL, TKT or CELTA. The foreign teachers have been rigorously selected, some of them has been teachers for more than 10 years. At the same time, RMS is an official test center of GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English) of Trinity College London and the only drama teaching practice base of IDEC (International Drama Education Conference) in the southwest of China.


Adhering to the educational philosophy of “We are dedicated to authentic education and offering the best to the kids”, RMS has launched online English classes for the teenagers and children in China and actively promoted the “OMO Online Merges Offline” education mode. The advent of RMS online English will surely benefit the public, so that more children can have access to high-quality international education without leaving home.


Sdream Yang, the founder and chairwoman of RMS Education, said that education is a cause that requires perseverance and constant commitment. It takes a lot of hard work and love in the pursuit of educational dreams. However, you will be full of happiness and moved when the children grow up and get improved like the flowers bursting into bloom.



To recall the development of RMS, we witness the persistence and perseverance of a mother who practices “authentic education “on the way of achieving international education industry. Concurrently, RMS also insists on public welfare undertakings to bring the benefit of education to the masses.


Furthermore, Ms. Yang visited famous schools at home and abroad for a 3-year educational inspection tour from 2014 to 2017. Due to the three-year investigation, Ms. Yang determined to have the children receive the education in the same quality regardless of their location of residence.


In November 2017, RMS was awarded “The Influential International Education Brand” of Tencent Education. Ms. Yang, the founder and chairwoman of RMS Education Group, attended the award ceremony and was interviewed by Tencent.com.


In 2018, from January to March, RMS Education sent outstanding foreign teachers who were used to be athletes and coaches as volunteers to provide a 20-day volunteer service forthe 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang in South Korea.

瑞美森为冬奥运喝彩RMS staff cheers for the 2018 Winter Olympics


In March 2018, RMS donated 500,000 yuan to establish the “RMS Dream Action Fund” at Xiang’e Primary School in Dujiangyan to reward more poor but excellent students. The donation kick-started the establishmentof “The RMS Dream Action Fund for Teachers’ Development” at Tongjiang Middle School in Bazhong to reward more outstanding teachers for taking root in rural education.


Ms. Yang donated books at Xiang’e Primary School in Dujiangyan


Ms. Yang unveiled Plaque of “RMS Dream Action Fund for Teachers’ Development” with Ms. Zhao Yuanlin, the Deputy County Mayor of Tongjiang.


In June 2018, RMS took part in Liangshan’s education for poverty alleviation, contributed to the activity by “Following the General Secretary's Footsteps and Retracing the Road of Liangshan's Poverty Alleviation”, and donated funds to build a central kitchen.


In August 2018, RMS donated to build the “RMS Future Classroom”-a double teacher class model at Wudaoqing Township Central School in Puge County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture,which introduced high-quality foreign teacher resources into remote areas.


In November 2018, RMS was awarded “The Famous Children's English Education Brand” and “The Children's Education Brand Trusted by Parents” of TenCent. At the ceremony, Ms. Yang was interviewed by Tencent.com.


Beginning from March 2019, as a teaching service provider of “Panda Course"”of Chengdu's education system, RMS has successfully set up panda course, which is taught by foreign teachers, for dozens of famous primary and secondary schools. The course interprets national culture from a global perspective and cultivates young citizens with Chinese cultural heritage and world sentiment, as well as communication skills.


Again, in November 2019, RMS was awarded “ The Ingenious Brand in Education Industry”. Ms. Yang won the honor of the “Leading Figure in High-quality Development and Construction of China's Education Brand”.


Later in November 2019, RMS was awarded Tencent's “Influential Education Group in 2019”, “The Influential Children’s Education Brand in 2019”, and “The Influential Children’s English Education Brand in 2019”. Ms. Yang attended the award ceremony and was interviewed by Tencent.com.


In order to help teachers and students of American friend schools fight against the epidemic, on March 18th, 2020, RMS Education donated a batch of masks to the friendly cooperative school, Miss Porter’s School. on March 27th, Porter’s received the anti-epidemic materials from RMS. The representative of Porter’s wrote to Ms. Yang and said, “We are extremely grateful for your significant contribution to the Farmington community.”


Ms. Yang said that in order to bring in high-quality international education resources and also export excellent domestic cultural understanding courses, RMS will continue to forge ahead and become an important promotion of western international education power.


Education is also a door; the sunshine and flowers are out there once we open it. RMS is always working hard for a better education industry.



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